"Spirit Of Peace And Solidarity"

Founded in 2019, Spirit of Peace and Solidarity (SPS) is a refugee-led organization dedicated to addressing the unique challenges faced by refugees and the host community in Rwanda and beyond. Our Mandate is to foster peace, solidarity, and sustainable development by empowering the most vulnerable members of our society. We are a dully and fully registered Non-Governmental Organization with Registration Number and Legal Personality No: 842/RGB/NGO/LP/08/2022.
As it is indicated by the name, SPIRIT OF PEACE AND SOLIDARITY, SPS’ activity programming has always fetched inspiration on Humanity, Compassion and Solidarity, something that historically has been its beacon from its inception. Moving forward, all our activities seek to mend imbalances in many dimensions of life, trying to build an enabling environment for all, whereby, the sick get treated, the hungry is fed and the voice of all the crying is heard and attended to with love, care, compassion and empathy.
The main purpose of our interventions is to not only put smile on the face of those in situation of risks, like vulnerable and less privileged but also and mainly to have a meaningful contribution in their multifaceted empowerments leading to economic growth and development at large, throughout women, and youth empowerment by teaching them a life skill , and or vocational training as a sustainable way to ensure their more dignified life, and enabled to become the true agents of peace and the change we all want to see.

"Spirit Of Peace And Solidarity"

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Our Vision

We envision a world where refugees and host communities live together in harmony,
with equal access to opportunities and resources that enable them to thrive.
SPS is committed to creating a future where every individual can achieve their full potential,
regardless of their background or circumstances.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support refugees and the host communities by providing comprehensive programs
that promote education, health, economic empowerment, and social integration.
We believe in the power of solidarity and work tirelessly to build a cohesive community
where everyone’s rights are respected and their voices heard.