"SPS - Regenerative Agriculture"

The purpose of this program is to cope with the disconnect between agriculture and nutrition which is alarming in Rwanda. 72 percent of the total population live by farming, but still 33 percent of under-five-year children are stunted. Our intervention in this area will bring about transformative impact in nutrition of mothers, infants and children since balanced nutrition is protective from diseases. Production of organic fertilizer is a pillar in this component to avail manure to households. Lack of fertilizer, coupled with lack of skills in managing smaller land for productivity as well as ignorance on nutrition are the top issues of malnutrition. In addition, soil
degradation factors accumulate. With the reduction and impoverishment of surfaces intended to produce food; food forecasting has become a major challenge, especially in the Western Province of Rwanda. This is the reason why SPS has got a plan to manage Rusizi town dump site for the double mission of fertilizing the soil for improved crops, and protecting environment. The aim is to produce 50,000 tons within the first six months of 2023.

Waste recycling enables families to find organic compost for their crops, to have improved harvest on a smaller land and sustain kitchen gardens for brighter and more prosperous future of households’ members and communities.





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Our Vision

Towards communities with skills, resources,
and support to meet healthy nutritional needs in households.

Our Mission

To prevent the root causes of malnutrition in families with
focus on under-five-year children.